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Bluetooth Infrared Thermometer

Bluetooth Infrared Thermometer

Bluetooth Infrared Thermometer
Bluetooth Infrared ThermometerBluetooth Infrared ThermometerBluetooth Infrared ThermometerBluetooth Infrared ThermometerBluetooth Infrared Thermometer
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Bluetooth Infrared ThermometerYes
Bluetooth Infrared Temperature Measuring MeterGourmet cooking
Application Scenariowireless monitoring of high temperature
Temperature Probe LoggerYes
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Update TimeApr 20,2024
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Bluetooth Infrared Thermometer

Bluetooth Infrared Temperature Measuring Meter/Bluetooth High Temperature Logger/Wireless Infrared Thermometer 

SH233C innovatively integrates Bluetooth technology and infrared temperature measurement technology, and is a novel and fashionable infrared thermometer. Users can download the app application software TempView to monitor and record temperature measurement data. It is widely used in industrial HVAC equipment, electronic manufacturing device inspection, food and drug temperature measurement, scientific experiments, industrial agriculture, and other fields.

SH233 is an infrared thermometer with Bluetooth communication function. The thermometer has a wide measurement range, a ranging ratio of 12:1, fast response time, Bluetooth transmission, and data storage (tentative) functions. It is used in conjunction with smart terminals such as mobile phones. Users can observe and store infrared temperature measurement data with their own app software Dabster or with a set of FMG's App TempView. It can be widely used in industrial HVAC equipment, electronic manufacturing device inspection, food and drug temperature measurement, etc.

1. Fully Charge the Dabster ‘Black Box’  unit for 1-2 hours prior to first use. Once fully charged, push the power button down to turn ‘On’. Green LED Light will blink on and off when charged, but not yet connected.

2. Download TempView App


Temperature Range:  32 to 1112°F (0 to 600° C)

Accuracy: ± 2% or ± 1.4℃ from 0℃ to 600℃

Response Time: < 0.8 seconds

Emissivity: Adjustable  In App (0.1 to 1.0)  Fixed: 0.93

Operating Temperature: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)

Storage Temperature: -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)

Power Supply: Rechargable lithium-ion battery (pre-installed) 1000 mAh 3.7v

Standard accessories: USB-C charge cord

Weight/dimensions: 45mmx45mmx75mm

Distance-to-Spot-Ratio*: 12:1

*The farther the target surface, the larger the test area is, as the distance between the test object and SH233 ‘Black Box’ or other devcies increases, the size of the area being measured also increases.

Below is a sample using the formula used to calculate the distance-to-spot-ratio:

Distance-to-Spot-Ratio x Test Object Size in Inches = Maximum Measure
Distance in Inches

12:1 x 2″ = maximum measure distance of 24″.

Temperature Probe Logger /Bluetooth Temperature Recording Probe/ Wireless Smart Probe Thermometer/High-Precision Temperature Measuring and Recording Meter with IP68 Waterproof.
Bluetooth Infrared Thermometer Parameter 

Measurement range: -50~600 ℃, ± 2%, Working environment temperature: -20~70 ℃
Emissivity: 0.10-1.00 (default 0.95)
Product weight:80g
Spectral range: 8um~14um

Object distance ratio D/S: 12:1
Charging indicator light, battery low voltage report
Recording interval: 60-600 seconds
Product size:L68xW40xH40mm
Packing list: 1pc Thermometer ,1pc User Manaul
Response time: 500ms
Storage capacity: 4096 sets of data,
Laser indication of the measured object target
Using the mobile app: TempView/Dabster
Compatible with Bluetooth BLE4.2/BLE5.0
Wireless communication distance: ≥ 30 meters
Bluetooth Infrared Thermometer Applications 

  • Industrial HVAC equipment, electronic manufacturing device inspection, food and drug temperature measurement, scientific experiments, and high-temperature measurement in the industrial and agricultural fields
TempView App Ui, export all temperature data to whatsapp, wechat , emails etc..
TempView App download
Real time tracking periodic warning can be set
1. Download TempView App form Apple Sotre or Google Play Store; open your mobile bluetooth & search the probe.
2. Setting the temperature unit ; Input the High & Low Temp range, select Alarm Type.
3. See the Temperature changes & all temperature data is rceorded.
feature-PACKED App
4. Export the Temperature data to Whatapps, wehchat, emails etc..
Why is there a significant temperature measurement error in the use of the SH233 Bluetooth infrared thermometer?
A: It is necessary to use the wireless infrared thermometer SH233 correctly, and the distance between the temperature measurement point and the instrument lens should not exceed 50cm.
Can you customize the Bluetooth infrared thermometer app application software for customers? 

A: Sure, we need the client to provide the UI file and design requirements document for the app.
Q: What is the highest measured temperature? Can higher temperature measurement products be customized?
A:The current maximum measurement temperature range of SH233 is 600 ℃, which can be customized for customers up to 1000 ℃

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