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Wireless Pryometer

Wireless Pryometer
Wireless PryometerWireless PryometerWireless PryometerWireless PryometerWireless Pryometer
CategoriesHigh Temperature Measuring Equipment
BrandGrillMeater, Cooking Probe Manufacturer
Temperature Probe LoggerYes
Food Temperature Monitoring SolutionsGourmet cooking
Application Scenariowireless monitoring of high temperature
Temperature Probe LoggerYes
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Update TimeApr 20,2024
Detail Information
Wireless Pryometer

Wireless Prymeter/Wireless High Temperature Logger/125℃Food Wireless Probe /High-Precision Thermometer with IP68 Waterproof.  

The SH261 high-temperature instrument may be the world's highest temperature resistant wireless measuring instrument, with special sealing and insulation technology and high-temperature electronic devices inside, operating at temperatures up to 125 ℃

The SH261 wireless high-temperature instrument may be the world's highest temperature resistant wireless temperature measurement instrument, with wide range, Bluetooth transmission, ultra-low power consumption, sealed and waterproof characteristics, and can work in harsh high and low temperature environments. It adopts international specialized high-temperature resistant chips, high-temperature batteries, and environmental temperature sensors packaged in glass shells.
Temperature Probe Logger /Bluetooth Temperature Recording Probe/ Wireless Smart Probe Thermometer/High-Precision Temperature Measuring and Recording Meter with IP68 Waterproof.
Wireless Pryometer Parameter 

Breaking through device limits, operating temperature up to 125 ℃
Measurement and recording of temperature, wireless Bluetooth transmission of data
Product weight:235g
Sealed waterproof IP68 structure, working in extremely harsh environments
Mobile App Monitoring, Network Transmission Record Form
Color box size:170x132x47mm
Product size:D24mm x H20mm
Packing list: 1pc Thermometer Probe,1pc User Manaul
Measure the transmission cycle for 10 seconds, with a transmission distance of ≥ 10M
Recording interval of 5 minutes, storage capacity of 4096B
Support Andriod 4.3 , iOS7.0 and up
Using the mobile app TempView

Wireless Pryometer Applications 

  • Areas that require wireless monitoring of high temperatures, such as food processing plants, bread baking, kitchen cooking, baking and steaming, tea and coffee baking, tobacco processing, industrial agriculture, pharmaceutical industries, etc
TempView App Ui, export all temperature data to whatsapp, wechat , emails etc..
TempView App download
Real time tracking periodic warning can be set
1. Download TempView App form Apple Sotre or Google Play Store; open your mobile bluetooth & search the probe.
2. Setting the temperature unit ; Input the High & Low Temp range, select Alarm Type.
3. See the Temperature changes & all temperature data is rceorded.
feature-PACKED App
4. Export the Temperature data to Whatapps, wehchat, emails etc..
What are the application areas of Bluetooth high-temperature instrument SH261?
A: Real time measurement and recording of temperature during professional food production and processing, as well as high-temperature disinfection in the medical industry
Can we customize such high-temperature measurement equipment products according to customer requirements?

A: Sure, after the client submits the design requirements document, we will respond and evaluate it in a timely manner.
Q: How long can the SH261 wireless high-temperature instrument operate at the extreme temperature of 125 degrees Celsius?
A: Working continuously for 2 hours under environmental conditions of 125 ℃

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