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When it comes to food temperature measurement, proper procedure is critical to ensure food safety and cooking quality. Here are several practical introductions to our food/meat thermometers, and you can learn how to do it through the video to ensure the accuracy and success of your cooking process:
Bluetooth Probe Thermometer (SH253D), 6mm dia. probe, AAA battery charger, charging 10 mins can be used for 4-5 hrs.
Thermometer Review Meater, Meatstick, Air Probe(Our Bluetooth Probe Thermometer SH253D) & Yummy Probes
Wireless Probe Thermometer (SH253B), 6mm dia. probe, USB charger), charging 10 mins can be used for 4-5 hrs.
Demo with "Grill Probe" App with Bluetooth Probe Thermometer (SH253B), Bluetooth Probe Thermometer (SH253D) & Food Cooking AI Probe (SH253P)
Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer Compatible
ThermoControl Air (Bluetooth Probe Thermometer-SH253D)
BBQ & Lifestyle
Our Wireless Probe Thermometer (SH253B) with USB charger.
Flame-Tec Bluetooth Food Probe 
Flame-Tec food probes are perfect for rotisserie cooking
Monitor multiple meats at the same time with Flame-Tec Food Probe
BBQ Chicken
BBQ Pork
BBQ Beef, USDA Safe
BBQ Pork & Lamb
Grill Turkey Chicken
make life in the kitchen easier
grilling and smoking meats on rotisserie systems
Grill Lamb
Grill Pork
BBQ & Grill for rotisserie chicken, steaks, pork loins
Grill T-Bone

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