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What Are Food Probes?

The food cooking probe uses nano-microelectronics technology to integrate radio frequency, temperature measurement, A/D digital-to-analog conversion, and data processing circuits on a large scale into a small stainless steel tube. It has high temperature resistance,Functional features such as measuring food temperature and external oven temperature, wireless data transmission via Bluetooth, etc.The user inserts the probe into the center of the food. You only need to download and operate the App GrillProbe to accurately control the degree of cooked food. It is becoming an intelligent tool for kitchens in homes, restaurants and hotels.

Applications of Food Probes

The GrillMeater food probe is a good helper in the kitchen. It is widely used in food cooking and kitchen appliances, allowing everyone to become a cooking master.
Measure food /meat temperature,oven temperature, ambient temperature, oil temperature & heating pan /table temperature
Temperature measurement

Temperature measurement

Measure food temperature, oven temperature, ambient temperature, oil temperature, and heating table surface temperature.

Oven /ambient Temperature measurement


Measure food temperature, oven temperature, ambient temperature, oil temperature, and heating table surface temperature.

Temperature measurement
Oven /ambient/bread Temperature measurement


Measure food temperature, oven temperature, ambient temperature, oil temperature, and heating table surface temperature.

Temperature measurement
Safe using inside air-flyer & Pressure cooker

kitchen Appliances

Measure food temperature, oven temperature, ambient temperature, oil temperature, and heating table surface temperature.

GRILLMEATER Manufactures High Accurate Food Probes

GrillMeater has three specifications of food probes, allowing you to control food temperature more intelligently
6mm diameter smart cooking probe

6mm diameter smart cooking probe

  • 10 minutes quick charging
  • Battery life 6 hours
  • Wireless transmission distance 30 meters
  • Low manufacturing cost and low selling price
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5mm diameter smart cooking probe

5mm diameter smart cooking probe

  • Long battery life: up to 48 hours
  • Fast wireless measurement rate: 1 second
  • Wireless transmission distance 80 meters
  • charger imitation bamboo products
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4mm diameter smart cooking probe

4mm diameter smart cooking probe

  • 4mm diameter for easy food insertion
  • Temperature probe has LED indicator light
  • How Standalone works
  • LCD screen and key operation functions
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Why Choose GRILLMEATER Food Probes?

30 years of dedicated focus on temperature measurement devices, leading the forefront of temperature network sensing and feature management technologies.Learn More
30 years R&D experience

30 years experience

Thirty years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of core temperature measurement equipment.

Professional R&D team

Have a professional R&D team of engineers and senior engineers with doctorate, master's and bachelor's degrees.

Core Temperature & Technology patents

Core technology patents

Expertise in high-temperature materials, vacuum sealing, WSN, and RF transmission, holding numerous international patents.

20 years of craftsmanship

20 years of craftsmanship

It has accumulated more than 20 years of lean manufacturing technology for sealing, waterproofing, radio frequency circuits and miniaturized products.

How to Choose Food Probes?

Depending on the diameter:

4, 5, or 6mm are available. The thinner, the easier it is to insert food.

According to the battery life (working time):

6mm four hours, 4mm 12 hours, 5mm 48 hours.

Select according to working mode:

①App working mode: all probes.

②Standalone working mode: 4mm and 5mm probes.

③ Digital display thermometer working mode: 4mm probe cooking monitor SN521.

Bluetooth Wireless Smart Meat thermometers Designs

According to the wireless transmission distance:

6mm is about 30 meters, 5mm and 4mm are about 70 meters.


According to the measurement object:

①SH253A can measure oil temperature, heating table temperature, food temperature, and oven temperature.

②Others only measure food temperature and oven temperature.

Timer setting

Select according to the measurement rate:

The 5mm probe is the fastest, take only 1 second to display the accurate temperature , and the other takes 4 seconds.

4 probes Repeater

Food Probe Knowledge

Master the relationship between food and temperature to cook delicious food


GrillMeater is not only a leader in the research and development of food cooking probes, but also a technical expert in the field of temperature measurement. Together with us, we continue to break through technology and grow together.

Our customers include individuals, professional chefs, shopping malls and supermarkets, and kitchen appliance manufacturers. Contact us now to learn about our perfect service starting with a sample order.

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