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Cooking Monitor with Dual Cable Sensors

Cooking Monitor with Dual Cable Sensors

Cooking Monitor with Dual Cable Sensors
Cooking Monitor with Dual Cable SensorsCooking Monitor with Dual Cable SensorsCooking Monitor with Dual Cable Sensors
CategoriesHigh Temperature Measuring Equipment
BrandGrillMeater, Cooking Probe Manufacturer
Cooking Monitor with Dual Cable Sensors70M
Wireless EquipmentYes
Apply toGourmet cooking
Application ScenarioDining Room, Kitchen, Banquet, Barbecue bar
Whether to CustomizeYes
FOB portShenzhen
Terms of PaymentT/T, Paypal
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Update TimeApr 20,2024
Detail Information
Cooking Monitor with Dual Cable Sensors

The wired probe cooking monitor SN521L is equipped with two 1-meter long wired temperature probes and multiple working modes. It has the advantages of fast response speed and high measurement accuracy, and intelligently monitors the baking and steaming process of food. It is an essential tool for intelligent cooking in home kitchens and hotel restaurants.

The dual wired probe food temperature monitor consists of two 1-meter long temperature sensor probes, an LCD screen monitor, four AA rechargeable batteries, a smartphone, and a GrillMeater App, forming an intelligent monitoring system for food cooking. It is applied in food production and baking in homes, restaurants, hotels, and kitchens. Insert a temperature sensor probe into the food to measure the central temperature of the food. As a dual probe Bluetooth food cooking monitor, it has two working modes, namely independent operation of digital LCD screen buttons and monitoring of mobile app settings.

With the GrillMeater app it is easy to prepare and cook a perfect meal.
Connect your cooking thermometer to the free GrillMeater App via Bluetooth and make you able the cooking in the real-time. It has never been so simple to cook a perfect Meal.

Cooking Monitor with Dual Cable Sensors/Smart Kitchen Cooking Tool Via Mobile Phone App/Grill Thermometer with Dual Meat Probes and LCD Screen
Cooking Monitor with Dual Cable Sensors Parameter 

Food Temperature Range: 0~100℃, ±0.5℃
LCD display: material temperature/furnace temperature/operating status/alarm signs
Product weight: 210g
Oven Temperate Range: 0~300℃, ±0.5℃
Parameter settings: temperature unit/meat/degree of unripeness/target temperature/timing time
Power supply: 4x1.5dc AA battery or external USB
RF communication: Bluetooth BLE5.0 or Wifi (customized by customers)
Probe size: D3.5mm x L1000mm (wire length)
System configuration: 2 wired probes/monitors, download GrillMeater App
External USB power supply or 4xAA battery power supply for the monitor
Monitor size: L140 x W80 x H40mm
Working mode: Thermometer/Repeater (BLE or Wifi)
Transmission cycle:4s/12s
LCD display: object temperature/furnace temperature/operation status/alarm sign

  • Family kitchens, restaurants and hotels, BBQ, meat cutting and frying, food baking and steaming, etc
Smart Grill Meat Thermometer with Two Cable Probe
Flamingo the App & link download
Real time tracking periodic warning can be set
1. Insert the probe into the food; Select your protein and get your cook started without the guesswork.
2. App to set target temperature; Check your cooking status and get notified anywhere your smart device has an internet connection.
3. Start cooking food; Know when your meat will be ready and manage your time better.
feature-PACKED App
4. Notify immediately when the food is ready; Cook different meats at various temperatures at the same time.
Q: What is the selling point of SN521L product?
A: Large screen with black background and white light font, LCD screen display, button operation or app operation.
Q: SN521L product uses a 4-cell pool for power supply, how long can it be used??
A: The battery has a service life of 3 months. If the battery is removed when not in use, the service life can be extended by up to 6 months.
Q: I have purchased an SN521L and have been using it for three months. Now, I would like to purchase a wireless probe to upgrade the product. Is that okay?
A: Sure, please contact our customer service sales@grillmeater.com Purchase a wireless probe with a diameter of 4mm.

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