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5mm Repeater Grill Thermometer - Premium Wireless Meat Probe

5mm Repeater Grill Thermometer - Premium Wireless Meat Probe

5mm Repeater Grill Thermometer - Premium Wireless Meat Probe
5mm Repeater Grill Thermometer - Premium Wireless Meat Probe5mm Repeater Grill Thermometer - Premium Wireless Meat Probe5mm Repeater Grill Thermometer - Premium Wireless Meat Probe5mm Repeater Grill Thermometer - Premium Wireless Meat Probe
Categories5mm Food Probe Thermometer
BrandGrillMeater, Cooking Probe Manufacturer
Wireless Range50M
Wireless EquipmentYes
Apply toGourmet cooking
Application ScenarioDining Room, Kitchen, Banquet
Whether to CustomizeYes
FOB portShenzhen
Update TimeMay 28,2024
Detail Information
9 Preset meat types & doneness levels
5mm Remote Grill Thermometer /Long range BBQ and Meat Thermometer/Wireless Food Thermometer with AAA Battery and USB Charger Description

This is a food temperature measurement thermometer with a relay, with a wireless probe diameter of 5mm, embedded with Bluetooth RF circuit and temperature measurement circuit, and data transmission distance is long. It is easy to carry and is particularly suitable for outdoor BBQ use. It can also be used for cooking food in home ovens and ovens. The probe is placed in the charging stand and charged for 60 minutes, with a battery life of 48 hours. 

With the GrillProbeE App it is easy to prepare and cook a perfect meal.Connect your cooking thermometer to the free GrillProbeE App via Bluetooth and make you able the cooking in the real-time.It has never been so simple to cook a perfect meal.

Equipment type: Temperature measuring instrument
Measurement parameters: food temperature, furnace temperature, and ambient temperature
Wireless transmission: Bluetooth 100 meters
Application Scenarios: Home Kitchen, Hotel Restaurant, Food Cooking
Power supply: One AAA battery or external USB power supply

Detailed description:
The product is composed of a wireless probe with a diameter of 5mm, a repeater with charging function, a mobile phone, and a GrillMeater App. The temperature measurement data is transmitted remotely and is not affected by the metal shielding wireless signal of the oven.

A mobile phone can monitor up to 4 wireless probes and operate independently without the standalone mode of the phone. When the food temperature or cooking time reaches the set target value, the buzzer on the relay will sound an alarm, and the LED light will flash to notify the user in a timely manner.


5mm Food Cooking AI Probe (For Slow-Cook/Sous-vide) SH253P Parameter
Food Temperature Range: -40~100℃
Charging Time: 60min
Packing Product weight: 80g   
Amnient/Oven temperature measurement range and accuracy: 0 ℃ -300 ℃, ± 2% range
Working time: >42-48 Hours 
Packing Qty per carton: 100pcs
Oven Temperate Range: 0~300℃
Product size: D6x L130mm
Packing Gross weight: 9kg  
Transmission Distance: >100M
Packing Color box: 155x42x20mm 
Transmission cycle: 1s

  • Special for Slow Cook(Sous-vide) , Outdoor barbecue, barbecue food, barbecue, cooking, baking etc..
  • Special for oven, Grill, BBQ, pressure cooker, dishwasher, closed ovens, furnaces, Smoker, Air Flyer,Stove,Deep Fryer, Rotisserie and other equipment. 
  • Home kitchens, restaurants and hotels, BBQ, steak machines, barbecue and smoked meat, food baking and steaming, etc..
IP67 Water Prove
Flamingo the App & link download
1. Insert the probe into the food; Select your protein and get your cook started without the guesswork.
2. App to set target temperature; Check your cooking status and get notified anywhere your smart device has an internet connection.
3. Start cooking food; Know when your meat will be ready and manage your time better.
4. Notify immediately when the food is ready; Cook different meats at various temperatures at the same time.
Q: What is the transmission distance of the SH253R5 remote probe barbecue thermometer with a diameter of 5mm?
A: Under unobstructed outdoor conditions, the straight-line transmission distance can reach 100 meters.
Q: How to use a remote food cooking probe thermometer with a diameter of 5mm correctly?
A: The charger of SH253R5 barbecue thermometer also has relay transmission function. When using, it is best to place the charger within 10 meters from the wireless probe, and the mobile phone can be away from the line of sight of the charger.
Q:Reasonable use of 5mm diameter remote barbecue Probe Thermometer sh253r5 charger power supply?
A: The charger of sh253r5 has two power supply modes: external USB power supply and a built-in AAA battery. Try to use external USB power supply for power supply, because the battery is only put into the charging stand for one month, and the battery is removed after each use.

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