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2-Probes Meat Thermometer /Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer with Dual Probes /Wireless Dual Probes Food Thermometer

2-Probes Meat Thermometer /Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer with Dual Probes /Wireless Dual Probes Food Thermometer

2-Probes Meat Thermometer /Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer with Dual Probes /Wireless Dual Probes Food Thermometer
2-Probes Meat Thermometer /Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer with Dual Probes /Wireless Dual Probes Food Thermometer2-Probes Meat Thermometer /Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer with Dual Probes /Wireless Dual Probes Food Thermometer2-Probes Meat Thermometer /Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer with Dual Probes /Wireless Dual Probes Food Thermometer
Categories6mm Food Probe Thermometer
BrandGrillMeater, Cooking Probe Manufacturer
Wireless Range30M
Wireless EquipmentYes
Apply toHome kitchen, hotel restaurant, food cooking
Application ScenarioDining Room, Kitchen, Banquet
Whether to CustomizeYes
FOB portShenzhen
Terms of PaymentT/T, Paypal
Update TimeApr 20,2024
Detail Information

2-Probes Meat Thermometer Descriptions

This is an SN523 double needle barbecue thermometer, which is an intelligent cooking tool for home kitchens and the catering industry. The stainless steel probe is inserted into the food, and the temperature measurement data is wirelessly transmitted to the smartphone. You only need to download the app GrillMeater to accurately control the degree of unripeness of the food during the cooking process. Before use, carefully read the user manual for safe and correct use of the wireless dual needle barbecue thermometer

With the GrillMeater app it is easy to prepare and cook a perfect meal.

Connect your cooking thermometer to the free GriilMeater app via Bluetooth and make you able the cooking in the real-time.It has never been so simple to cook a perfect meal.


-Equipment type Temperature measuring instrument

-Measurement parameters: food temperature, furnace temperature, and ambient temperature

-Wireless transmission Bluetooth 30 meters

-Application Scenarios: Home Kitchen, Hotel Restaurant, Food Cooking

-One AAA battery or external USB for power supply

Detailed description:

This high-precision food probe thermometer consists of a 6mm diameter dual wireless probe, charger, and a USB connection cable, paired with the GrillMeater App mobile operating software. The probe is inserted into the charger for charging, and the charging power can be connected to an external USB for charging. It can be used for 6 hours after 10 minutes of charging. You only need to download the APP application software to monitor the degree of unripeness of food, making your baking, steaming, and cooking operations easier

Bluetooth Dual Probes Cooking Thermometer/Wirelss Hgih Accurancy Measuring Temperature Sensor/Wireless Rapid Temperatue Measuring Dual Probes/App Monitoring Food Thermometer/ iPhone Monitoring Meat Thermometer
6mm Diameter Wireless Probe Thermometer Parameter
Range and accuracy of food temperature measurement: -40 ℃ -100 ℃, ± 0.5
Wireless transmission distance: 30 meters
Packing Product Gross Weight: 180g   
Ambient/Oven temperature measurement range and accuracy: 0 ℃ -300 ℃, ± 2% range
Probe charging time/battery life: 10 minutes/6 hours
Packing Qty per carton: 100pcs
Transmission cycle/Temperature measurement response time: 4 seconds
Probe size: D6xL130mm

IP 68
Charger size: L170xW62xH19mm

Family kitchens, restaurants, hotels, BBQ, barbecues, food cooking, etc
  • Special for oven, Grill, BBQ, pressure cooker, dishwasher, closed ovens, furnaces, Smoker, Air Flyer,Stove,Deep Fryer, Rotisserie and other equipment. 
  • Water temperature,food temperature monitoring. Home kitchen, restaurant, hotel, BBQ, barbecue, food cooking, etc.
True Wireless (No wires, No Mess), insert the probe in the meat for the entire cooking process
Grill Probe App & link download
1. Insert the probe into the food; Select your protein and get your cook started without the guesswork.
2. App to set target temperature; Check your cooking status and get notified anywhere your smart device has an internet connection.
3. Start cooking food; Know when your meat will be ready and manage your time better.
4. Notify immediately when the food is ready; Cook different meats at various temperatures at the same time.
Q: Can wireless dual probe barbecue thermometers use wireless probes with a diameter of 5mm or 4mm?
A: No, it is designed specifically for wireless probes with a diameter of 6mm.
Q: What is the charging time and battery life of the wireless probe of the SN523 barbecue thermometer?
A: Charge for 10 minutes and can be used continuously for 6 hours.
Q: Why do 2 wireless probes have different transmission distances?
A: Yes, due to a+/-30% difference in the wireless RF output power of each probe, the transmission distance may vary.

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