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GrillMeater Probe Product Selection Table

GrillMeater Probe Product Selection Table

Update Time:2023/12/15
Thank you for using the GrillMeater series of intelligent cooking probes, which are becoming intelligent tools for cooking food in restaurants, hotels, and home kitchens. The Bluetooth stainless steel probe is inserted into the food, and the temperature measurement data is wirelessly transmitted to the smartphone. You only need to download the app GrillMeat to accurately control the degree of raw and cooked food during the cooking process. Please refer to the table below to choose the product you need or browse www.grillmeater.com
GrillMeater Probe Product Selection Table
BBQ Chicken
BBQ Pork
BBQ Beef, USDA Safe
BBQ Pork & Lamb
Grill Turkey Chicken
make life in the kitchen easier
grilling and smoking meats on rotisserie systems
Grill Lamb
Grill Pork
BBQ & Grill for rotisserie chicken, steaks, pork loins
Grill T-Bone

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