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Why am I getting a warning for target temperatures over 195°F / 90°C?

Why am I getting a warning for target temperatures over 195°F / 90°C?

Update Time:2023/12/15
We pride ourselves on giving you the most perfect and consistent results with GrillMeater, so it's important for the estimated cook time in the app to be as accurate as possible.
Unfortunately, for especially big meat cuts with a target temperature above 195°F / 90°C, there are some variables that make generating a precise cook time a bit more difficult:
After a few hours of a long cook, the heat of the cooker evaporates moisture in the meat, which has a cooling effect similar to when people sweat on a hot day. This is what causes the infamous barbecue stall that all pitmasters dread. The duration of the stall can vary a lot between different cuts of meat, so it's really tricky to predict how long it'll last. This is the biggest culprit for the time estimate issue, since you'll see the cook time change quite a bit in the app while the internal temperature rise is slowing down.
When your meat is still cold, it brings down the temperature around it. This cool air bubble will be even bigger the larger the piece of meat is. This means that the probe's ambient reading can be lower than expected, which affects the time estimate.
If the temperature fluctuates a lot during a long cook, the cook time will have to keep recalculating.
We're big fans of low and slow cooking, so we're working to improve this, and we'll keep making improvements to our estimator algorithm wherever we can!

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