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What is the maximum temperature probe can be used at?

What is the maximum temperature probe can be used at?

Update Time:2023/12/15
 probes are built to handle temperatures up to:
● 527°F / 275°C for the ambient sensor.
● 212°F / 100°C for the internal sensor.
Probe pattern
The App will alert you if you get too close to these limits. Make sure to always insert the probe into your meat past the safety notch to avoid damage to the internal sensor.
Charging unit:The charging units can operate between 14°F / -10°C and 140°F / 60°C
The smart cooking probe is sealed with waterproof and high temperature resistant construction, inserted into the inside of the food to measure the central temperature and the external furnace temperature, and the data is transmitted wirelessly to the smartphone. GrillProbe App accurately controls the degree of raw cooking food, notifies you in time when the food is cooked, no longer worry about the food is too cooked! The intelligent cooking probe is used in the baking and steaming of food, which is loved by Western housewives, hotel restaurant chefs, kitchen electrical manufacturers, and food processing plants. It will replace the traditional wired probe food thermometer and become an essential tool in the kitchen and the core intelligent hardware of kitchen electrical equipment. Product advantages: heat insulation and high temperature resistance, sealing and waterproof, micro-power consumption without battery, diameter of only 6MM-4mm easy to insert meat food.

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